HerbaFarm Academy is the brainchild of Meltem Kurtsan, a pharmacist by training with deep roots in herbal health care, also founding president of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey. The Academy is located in a beautiful corner of Bodrum, Turkey offering online & on-site special courses and workshops since 2015 on natural health sciences, such as Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy, Natural Cosmetics, Homeopathy as well as Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs Cultivation, in Turkish and English. HerbaFarm Academy is a NAHA Approved School in Turkey.

The Academy provides consultancy services on creating new concepts for Wellness Resorts, formulation development and private label production for natural skincare products and cultivation projects for medicinal and aromatic plants.

With the Team consisting of professionals –  Pharmacist, Chemists, Aromatherapists, Functional Medicine Doctor and Functional Medicinal Life Coach, HerbaFarm Academy is ready to serve as Visiting Consultant at Wellness Resorts.


Founder of HerbaFarm Academy

International Director of NAHA for Turkey, Linkedin

Meltem Kurtsan completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and Master’s Degree in Phytotherapy at Istanbul University. Aromatherapy was part of her advanced education. She was the President of family owned herbal medicine and cosmetics company, Kurtsan Pharmaceuticals Inc., for over ten years. She completed the Harvard Business School OPM (Owner President Management) Programme, and was nominated as Global Leader for Tomorrow by World Economic Forum in 1999 in Davos. She was the Founding President of KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) (www.kagider.org). In 2019 she became the International Director of NAHA for Turkey.

Currently, Kurtsan continues providing seminars, workshops on natural and healthy living at HerbaFarm Academy – NAHA Approved School on Aromatherapy and cultivating medicinal and aromatic herbs at HerbaFarm Ecologic Farm in Yalikavak, Bodrum.


Managing Partner, Linkedin


Karatay has completed his bachelor degree in Interior Architecture.

Worked as project manager for five years in construction of factories. He received his MBA degree in English, and worked as sales manager for a Danish high-end electronics company in middle east area as well as a product specialist at the same time.

He completed his second Masters degree in energy management in New York. He worked as a property manager for a large property owner company in New York for five years then relocated in Istanbul in 2018 to join his mother achieve their common dream, HerbaFarm. 

Ali Karatay Karayalçın is a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist, a certified aromatic plant gardener, and an enthusiastic nature lover.



Chemist, Director, Linkedin


Oya completed her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Yildiz Techincal University and master’s degree in Production Management at Institute of Social Sciences, Istanbul University.

Certified as Trademark and Patent Attorney on behalf of Turkish Patent Institute in 2002. Worked as  Project Consultant at TUSMES Project funded by EU under the 6th Framework Programme in 2004.

Worked as Coordinator and Manager positions for designing and delivering custom training courses for the life sciences industry and managing company activities for about 15 years.

In 2020, Oya has joined HerbaFarm Academy as Responsible Manager & Director of the Company. She completed NAHA certified Aromatherapy Courses, Medicinal & Aromatic Herbs Cultivation Course at HerbaFarm Academy.



MSc. Chemist, Training Coordinator, Linkedin


Melike graduated from Afyon Kocetepe University, Faculty of Food Science and Technology in 2006.

After working in a private food laboratory for about 3 years, she obtained a bachelor’s degree from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Chemistry. She is doing her master’s degree in Pharmacognosy at Bezmialem University

She came to HerbaFarm voluntarily via TaTuTa and started to work permanently on this farm where she met her dreams. She is the training coordinator.



Digital Project Manager, Linkedin


Demet graduated from Ege University, Faculty of Communication in 2004. She studied Cinema Art at MSM.

She worked in the field of customer management in the advertising industry for 6 years. Since 2012, she participated in digital projects of national brands, agencies and start-ups.

She attended several botanical trainings and conferences to feed her interest in nature and plants. In one of those trainings, she met Meltem Kurtsan and they started to work together. Since then, she has been working as Project Manager at HerbaFarm.