About HerbaFarm Academy

HerbaFarm Academy is the brainchild of Meltem Kurtsan, a pharmacist by training with deep roots in herbal health care. The Academy is located in a beautiful corner of Bodrum, Turkey offering online & on-site special courses and workshops since 2015 on natural health sciences in Turkish and English. HerbaFarm Academy is a NAHA Approved School in Turkey.

The Academy provides consultancy services on creating new concepts for Wellness Resorts, formulation development and private label production for natural skincare products and cultivation projects for medicinal and aromatic plants.

With the Team consisting of professionals –  Pharmacist, Chemists, Aromatherapists, Functional Medicine Doctor and Functional Medicinal Life Coach, HerbaFarm Academy is ready to serve as Visiting Consultant at Wellness Resorts.

Consultancy Projects

– Creation of New Concepts – Herbology Center –  for Wellness Resorts

Design of Herbology Center
Creating inventory list such as ingredients, essential oils, herbal oils herbs and all necessary equipment,
Managing in-house Herbalist recruitment process for the Resort, training of Herbalist,
Providing consultancy services as Visiting Practitioner/Trainer

– Developing Cultivation Projects for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Formulation Development

Research & Development Projects – Formulation Development and Private Label Production for Natural and Herbal Cosmetic Skincare Products;

– Signature Smell Design and Creation

– Diffusion Blend based on Signature Smell

– Natural Skincare Products

– Aromatherapy Massage Oils

– Herbal Tea Menu

Training Courses

Courses, Workshops and Seminars on Natural, Herbal and Healthy Lifestyle;

– Aromatherapy

– Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

– Herbalism

– Natural Skincare Products

– Natural Perfume

– Ayurvedic Aromatherapy

– Functional Medicine

– Functional Kitchen

Please click for details on specifically designed Aromatherapy Workshops.